We are really excited to let you know that after months of planning and renovations we will soon be moving to a brand new location at 43 Crawford Street. It's only a few doors down from where we are now (and still backs onto Vogel Street Kitchen too!)

On-top of our renovations and move we are also rebuilding our website to reflect our exciting change in working environment.

In the meantime, we are still operating as normal offering our wide range of physiotherapy services, including:

  • Body work
    Techniques for pain free movement of the spine and joints
  • Dry Needling/Acupuncture
    The use of acupuncture needles to reduce pain and muscle spasm
  • Massage and muscle release therapy
    The use of various massage techniques to reduce muscle spasm & alleviate pain
  • Exercise therapy
    The use of exercise to reduce pain and increase strength and function
  • Return to Sport Rehabilitation
    Sport specific rehab to prepare for sport and prevent reinjury
  • Movement analysis
    The use of video to illustrate faulty movement patterns & enhance the understanding of biomechanics
  • Recovery Systems
    We have a variety of tools and programmes that helps enhance recovery from exercise and training.